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Direct Aircraft Charter is your complete, all-in one package solution for all aviation activities with Melbourne aircraft charters and all surrounding regions of Victoria. Our effective and on time charter airplanes are always available for your busy schedules. Just a phone call away, you are guaranteed of an aircraft charter solution immediately at any given time of the day or night.

With almost two decades of experience as an expert aviation service provider, our Melbourne aircraft charter network allows us to identify which charter airplanes is best for you and the most cost effective solution. Whether your purpose for flight is business, casual, private, government, group charter, touring, travel, freight or corporate, Direct Aircraft’s charter airlines are the solution for you.  

It’s not just the executives can fly on charter airplanes, you can reward yourself to fly with an aircraft charter and gain more out of the process. Instead of booking a regular flight schedule, book for an aircraft charter with Direct Aircraft as you get to save the unnecessary costs for days of stay in a hotel, cab rides, and most importantly, the time which is very valuable for faster gain of results-especially if your travelling for a business group or meeting.

Chartering your flights with Direct Aircraft is easy, we are just a phone call away and your aircraft charter can be made underway within the soonest possible time, 24 hours a day. Direct Aircraft is your Melbourne aircraft charter specialists. Our fleet of charter airplanes comply with all the safety rules and procedures to guarantee you a successful and comfortable flight.

Please feel free to browse along our site ( and check out our aircraft charters on Melbourne and other services that we offer.