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Benefits of Aircraft Charter

Aircraft charter is one of the most powerful tools available to the business executive today.




Air Charter benefits you as an Australian passenger wanting to get from - let's say, from Darwin to Melbourne or Perth to Sydney or at any multiple locations across the Australian continent, hiring an Aircraft charter is the best solution to rely upon.


Many business professionals and executives consider hiring an aircraft charter because they realise that it is a more effective and efficient way to do their business functions.


Booking your flight for an Air charter benefits many things especially if your schedule demands a quick turnaround of results. Whereas on reality, when you book your flight with a regular commercial airline company, you get to spend long hours waiting to check in the airport, waiting for the baggage line, long security lines, plus even the possibilities of a cancelled, delayed or a transfer of flight. You also get to spend more money on unnecessary hotel stay for days and cab rides waiting for your return flight back home.


With an air charter flight, you get the most benefit out of your valued time.

Direct Aircraft charter is Australia's premier and elite aviation and charter flight specialists.


We are your ultimate one stop shop solution for all your travel, business trip and flight needs. Our broad network allows us to navigate our fleet anywhere across Australia with aircraft bases on Darwin, Essendon, Perth, Brisbane, Cairns, Adelaide and Alice Springs, you are assured that you can hire a charter aircraft from us from any territory in the region.

Experience Direct Aircraft's air charter benefits with our prestigious 5 star safety, service and comfort when travelling with us.


Whether you're purpose for travel is for business, casual, private, public, corporate, group, mining, freight or any important meeting you have to go, we are your best solution for that matter.


With increasing pressure to improve productivity air charter can deliver quantifiable improvements to your bottom line. The concept is not new. In the United States alone over 10,000 companies own and operate 15,000 jet and turboprop aircraft.

With an aircraft at your disposal you can depart on your own timetable and leave within minutes of your arrival at the airport. No more waiting around, no more missed flights.
You have the ability to fly to multiple destinations in one day without the inconvenience of connecting flights through a major airport, miles from where you want to be and you have the flexibility to fly to places that are not serviced by the major airlines. Other benefits include:

Increasing en-route productivity
Attracting and retaining key people
Optimizing payroll
Reducing cycle times
Reducing post-trip fatigue / increasing post-trip productivity
Projecting a positive service image
Ensuring industrial security
Cost effective corporate shuttles to remote offices / projects


Business aircraft offer significant productivity increases en-route due to the ability to hold meetings in a secure office environment without interruptions, distractions or eavesdropping.

Unlike airlines, passengers can sit in board room proximity, strategizing before meetings, debriefing afterwards or meeting with clients en-route.


By using business aircraft, companies can improve their personnel retention, thereby reducing the costs of turnover and retraining.

Non-business hours away from home is one of the critical factors responsible for the loss of key employees opting for a job with less responsibility.

Family Time before and after traditional business hours is critical to most employees and can have an acute effect on employee morale and productivity. Business aircraft allow flexible scheduling achieving more in less time with fewer nights away from the home.
Attracting vital new hires, who are often courted extensively, is an additional benefit.


Under “Right sizing” initiatives, many organizations have rediscovered the need to maximize productivity of fewer employees to accomplish equal or greater amounts of work and ensure their competitive position and long term success.

As business aircraft improve employee time management and efficiency they can help eliminate the need for additional personnel, reducing payroll costs and help maximize a company’s competitive market edge.


The compound effect of increased productivity and saved travel time is that more can be accomplished in less time. Consequently many companies attribute reductions in “cycle times” - when facilities/products/services are brought on line sooner and projects completed faster, often giving a competitive advantage to the company - to business aircraft use.


Schedules that require late night travel or longer than necessary trips often result in post trip fatigue, reducing productivity in the day(s) after the trip.

Because they can facilitate more efficient scheduling, the use of business aircraft can minimize this loss.


For companies that rely on a superior service reputation aircraft charter can provide the tool to exceed expectations.

The arrival of service technicians, spare parts or empathetic management by non-scheduled aircraft displays their commitment to “go the extra distance” to show the importance of the customer to the company.


For many companies the protection of personnel from uncontrolled public exposure alone is justification for business aircraft use.

The peace of mind from knowing everyone on the aircraft is substantial.

Avoiding eavesdropping, reducing travel visibility, eliminating unwanted and unnecessary conversations all support the use of business aircraft to safeguard company employees and the sensitive information they carry.


Companies with major projects or major offices in rural communities or any other destination not serviced by scheduled airlines can benefit from operating a daily shuttle between both sites. By scheduling a morning departure and early evening return personnel from both sites can complete a productive day and be home in time for dinner. Also see Corporate Shuttles.